Thought of the Day

“The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.”

It’s one thing to be afraid of making a mistake. Being afraid of messing up is a natural feeling when you want to do something well. However, when that fear is constant and preoccupying, it becomes unhealthy. This quote, by John C. Maxwell, reminds us of that. It reminds us that living with a constant fear of making a mistake is one of the greatest mistakes we can make. It’s a mistake that can make us shy away from difficulties and challenges and prevent us from taking chances or trying new things. So, instead of having a constant fear of making a mistake, it’s best to understand that mistakes are a part of life. Accept them and use them to be better next time. No one can avoid making them. And if they can, they’re not living.

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, By deagreez
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