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Living Life Poetically: The Storm Within

“The Storm Within” is a poem about having a storm that’s not outside in the elements but inside you. Sometimes life can feel like there’s a storm raging within. And the feeling and effects can be very similar to what occurs outside.

The Storm Within
Photo Credit: Original Image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

It seems the storm has rerouted.
Disappearing from the forecast,
It now rages inside you,
Devastating your inward land.

Its dark clouds hide the stars in your eyes,
As its heavy rain pours down your cheeks.

From within, its violent winds uproot you from where you stood like an oak, securely planted,
And topples your spirit to the ground.

Its bold thunder shakes your confidence to the core
As its icy hail pounds hard, a cold numbness into your temples,
Leaving you with a weak and dispassionate mind.

The storm within rages on,
Never ceasing until you are in complete and utter desolation.

Your inward land—your strength, confidence, and spirit—destroyed,
Shattered into a million pieces,
Shattered into such a debris,
That the land seems as if it may never be restored.

By E. Ballay

Written October 31, 2022

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