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Living Life Poetically: The Unexplained

In life, there are a lot of questions. Often, there are more questions than answers. That’s completely normal. There are questions with answers you can lookup. Then, there are scientific questions you can look up but with limited or no answer. Meanwhile, there are questions you have to ask others. For example, the secret ingredient in a family recipe or where you left your keys. But there’s another category of questions we’re missing in this list. These are questions we consciously or subconsciously ask ourselves. They sometimes start out with words like: “Will I ever…? What if I never…? Or, will this ever…?” These questions represent our doubts.

Life can be a journey to answer such questions. “The Unexplained” is a song/poem about that.

The Unexplained
Photo Credit: Original image by Canva. Edited by E. Ballay

Wake up. You’re dreaming.
While the makeup is deceiving.
It doesn’t hide the truth behind our eyes.
That there is pain in our lives.

Questions come and go.

Is there such a thing called love if it’s all we’re dreaming of?
Is there such a thing called fate if it happens too late?
What’s truth set on the wrong foundation?
What’s hope without inspiration?

When all seems certain, it’s uncertain.
Our feelings contained behind a curtain.
Beyond, the questions we can’t explain.
When the rainbow comes with rain.

Is there such a thing called joy, if it’s all we’re wishing for?
Is there such a thing called light, if it’s covered in darkness?
What’s good with the wrong intention?
What’s destiny without a destination?

Wake up. Keep climbing.
Though the struggle seems unending.
It doesn’t mean the summit isn’t there.
It’s the journey that we fear.

By E. Ballay

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